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Save money and time with our Maintenance Plan:  IT support, eMail w/ mobile sync, managed data backup, and regularly scheduled maintenance on-site visits.  What ever you choose.

eMail Service


​eMail today is not your Grandpa's email.  Today you are always on the go and don't have the time always check your mail from your computer or wonder if you added that appointment to your phone calendar.  With FiveOne's eMail with Mobile Sync you will always know that your webmail, phone, and desktop PC are always in sync.  When you add a calendar event to your phone it will go to your PC.  When you send an email from you PC you will have your sent items on your phone.  Everything syncs automatically so you don't worry about missing the next big thing.


IT Support​ Services

IT support how you want it. With FiveOne llc you choose what best fits your business needs. You can call us when things go wrong, as they always do. You can set up a regular schedule to come in to your office once a week (5 hr plan) and complete our to do list you have waiting for us and regular maintenance to help things run smooth. Or you may need a little more help and want us to come twice a week (10 hr plan) to fine tune and keep your business up and running. For special projects or if you need support while your IT staff is on vacation you can choose the per day plan. No commitments so you can change plans depending on needs of that month. With FiveOne it is always your choice.


Managed Data Backup

​Cloud is the big buzz word lately. With FiveOne cloud services you can rely on FiveOne to make sure your backups are running, and verify your data is safe. No more sleepless nights wondering if you data is backing up properly and regularly. With FiveOne Managed Data Backup you can focus on your business.

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